Intruder & Fire Alarms

Private Security Authority Licence - Management Systems Certification Ltd

DSI Security are leading providers for the installation and service of burglar alarm systems, also referred to as intruder alarm systems. 

Burglar alarm systems can be wired, wireless or both depending on your requirements and the property. 

Most installations will take between 1 to 3 days based on the number of sensors required. Ideally you will have sensors on all external access points to your property, including all windows and doors, in addition you should have a number of internal motion sensors to verify alarms i.e. where a window alarm is followed by a motion sensor alarm, it is very likely that you have a confirmed break in or attempt to burgle inside your property.

Burglar alarm systems can vary in price depending on the number and type of sensors, communications equipment and any cabling required. On average they will cost between €700 for a standard 3 bedroom semi detached pre wired property to €1600 for a detached property with lots of windows, you really need to get a quote for your specific property.

While an alarm is a great deterrent you should seriously consider having the system monitored by a professional alarm receiving centre. You will normally pay a yearly fee for this service, it can cost from €130 upwards depending on the service provided. For example, your alarm is capable of many functions i.e. fire, flood and carbon monoxide detectors are commonly used to inform and protect against these events.

The type of communications equipment will also effect the cost, standard analogue phone line diallers are low cost but you must have a phone line, otherwise GSM (mobile phone type) diallers, which are preferable, can be used and in some circumstances radio transmitters may be more suitable.

If you would like a quote please call us and we will be happy to discuss the options and price in detail.