CCTV & Remote Monitoring

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CCTV is everywhere you look these days. It has become more affordable companies and homeowners to consider installing CCTV cameras for one reason or another, such as secuirity. Selecting a CCTV system can be difficult without the correct information and this is why you should get as much advise and inform yourself as much as possible before investing.

There is a huge range of CCTV equipment because there is a huge range of functionality, quality and technology to choose from.

From our experience of CCTV installations the single most important factor to consider is can you use the the CCTV Search, Playback and Backup functions easily. After this its down to what your budget will allow.

Entry level CCTV digital video recorders with low resolution analogue CCTV cameras are cheap nowadays, it nearly costs more to install the wiring and equipment than the equipment itself.

High end CCTV network video recorders with very high resolution megapixel CCTV cameras, full function pan tilt zoom CCTV cameras, licence plate recognition CCTV cameras and CCTV monitoring can cost serious money and require good specification, planning and excellent CCTV installation engineers.

Go to our contact page to request a site visit to discuss your requirements or send us an idea of what you are thinking about and we’ll advise as well as provide an estimate for the project.